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Enhance your proficiency in airline strategic pricing

Introducing our Airline Strategic Pricing program, a comprehensive three-day training designed for professionals eager to elevate their expertise in pricing within the airline industry. Throughout this intensive program, participants will gain invaluable insights and practical skills essential for crafting and executing effective pricing strategies tailored to the dynamic competitive landscape of the aviation sector. From understanding the fundamentals of pricing strategy formulation to mastering advanced segmentation techniques rooted in market maturity analysis, attendees will delve deep into industry best practices. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to hone their soft skills, fostering better collaboration and communication with sales teams to drive pricing initiatives effectively. For those seeking additional specialization, optional one-day extensions offer in-depth exploration into implementing Branded fares, Matrix Pricing and ancillary services strategies, as well as understanding the opportunities and challenges of Origin and Destination (O&D) pricing. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock the full potential of strategic pricing in the airline industry and propel your career to new heights.

Upcoming training sessions

> 24-26 April 2024Airline Strategic Pricing

Nice (Cannes), France — English language — registrations closed

> 26-28 June 2024Airline Strategic Pricing

Toulouse (Blagnac), France — English language — waiting list — book

> 15-17 October 2024Airline Strategic Pricing

Paris (Charles de Gaulle), France — English language — available spots — book

> 11-13 February 2025Airline Strategic Pricing

Paris (Charles de Gaulle), France — English language — pre-registrations open — book

If none of the dates or locations suit your needs, feel free to contact us to organize a personalized training session at your premises, wherever you are in the world, in French or English. If you can guarantee a minimum of 3 participants, we can arrange an additional training session in Paris Charles de Gaulle or at your premises.

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Course details

Target Audience: Intended for current or aspiring pricing analysts and managers, as well as professionals in flight and demand analysis, commercial operations, and marketing teams

Format: In-person classroom training

Duration: 3 days (24 hours)

Schedule: One training is scheduled per quarter, with additional sessions available upon request

Location: Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport (other locations available on request)

Language: English (other languages are available on request)

Prerequisites: This program is designed for professionals with a foundational understanding of airline fare construction

Cost: €2,250 per participant (VAT of 20% applies at French locations)

Eligible discount: The third participant from the same organization and training date receives a 50% discount

Curriculum/topics covered

Intro: The basic principles of revenue management pricing

> The specifics of strategic pricing within the context of yield management

> Basic concepts of revenue management

> High demand vs low demand strategies

Part 1: Building a strategic pricing structure

> Setting prices

> Willingness to pay & Price sensitivity

> Price differentiation

> Market segmentation

> Fare fencing

> Distribution strategies

> Customer welfare

Part 2: Pricing strategies in a competitive environment

> Why discounting

> Pricing department’s missions

> Pricing internal processes

> Interpreting data reports and taking action from a pricing perspective

> Pricing strategies and tactics based on the competitive environment

Additional content

> Introduction to branded fares and matrix pricing

> Introduction to O&D pricing

> Introduction to continuous pricing

Optional content (on request)

> Implement Branded fares, Matrix pricing and ancillary services strategies (+1 day)

> Implement pricing strategies in an O&D environment, with or without O&D RMS (+1 day)

Learning Outcomes

Gain strong foundations to become a successful member of a pricing and revenue management team. Acquire practical skills for daily pricing tasks.

Training Objectives

1. Gain comprehensive understanding of strategic pricing: One of the key objectives of our training program is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of strategic pricing within the context of yield management. Throughout the course, participants will explore the intricate links between pricing, revenue management, yield management, and total revenue management, gaining insight into how these elements intersect and influence one another in the airline industry. Additionally, the training offers a brief historical background of pricing in commercial aviation, providing context for current practices and strategies. Participants will also have the opportunity to recall the foundational principles of revenue management, ensuring a solid understanding of the underlying concepts.

2. Review the fundamental concepts of revenue management from a pricing role perspective: The training program delves into the fundamental concepts of revenue management, emphasizing the critical relationship between inventory and pricing to create dynamic pricing strategies. The course examines the rationale behind pricing strategies for high demand versus low demand scenarios, exploring how seasonal pricing fare structures intersect with inventory and revenue management system (RMS) driven demand strategies. Additionally, participants will gain insights into the continuous pricing approach and its application in optimizing revenue generation.

3. Learn how to build a pricing structure for commercial airline:A significant portion of the training will focus on building a strategic pricing structure. Participants will have the opportunity to review the basics of setting prices using various approaches through practical exercises. The course places emphasis on understanding how pricing operates under conditions of uncertainty within the airline industry. An intensive section will be dedicated to exploring willingness to pay and price sensitivity, including calculations and interpretations of price elasticity. By mastering these concepts, participants will be equipped to develop effective pricing strategies that optimize revenue and respond dynamically to market conditions.

4. Applying the concepts of price differentiation and market segmentation: participants will learn how price differentiation operates at both the product and service levels, and how it intersects with ancillary pricing strategies. Through practical exercises, participants will have the opportunity to apply price discrimination and customer segmentation strategies in real-world scenarios. By mastering these techniques, participants will be able to tailor pricing strategies to different market segments, optimize revenue, and enhance customer satisfaction.:A significant portion of the training will focus on building a strategic pricing structure. Participants will have the opportunity to review the basics of setting prices using various approaches through practical exercises. The course places emphasis on understanding how pricing operates under conditions of uncertainty within the airline industry. An intensive section will be dedicated to exploring willingness to pay and price sensitivity, including calculations and interpretations of price elasticity. By mastering these concepts, participants will be equipped to develop effective pricing strategies that optimize revenue and respond dynamically to market conditions.

5. Mastering fare fencing pricing tactics will be a cornerstone of the training: participants will explore a wide range of possible fare fences and engage in advanced practical exercises focused on this topic. This segment of the training will constitute a significant portion of the total duration, providing participants with comprehensive insights and hands-on experience in implementing effective fare fencing strategies.

6. Leveraging pricing strategies via distribution channels: participants will review the fundamentals of airline fare distribution and examine their significance in shaping global pricing strategies. Through in-depth analysis and case studies, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how distribution channels influence pricing decisions and learn how to effectively leverage them to optimize revenue.

7. Be familiar with the concept of Consumer Welfare: Participants will be sensitized to the impacts of implementing dynamic and discriminatory pricing strategies, considering both legislative frameworks, common consumer sensitivities and potential negative impacts on branding.

8. Pricing strategies in a competitive environment: Half of the training is dedicated to studying common pricing strategies to adopt based on market characteristics and the competitive landscape. By the end of the training, participants will be equipped to strategically structure their pricing actions and respond to competitive threats in accordance with best industry practices.

9. Establishing the basics of strategic pricing: participants will gain clarity on why airlines discount their fares and learn how to effectively implement discounting strategies while maximizing revenue. Additionally, the course will explore scenarios of proactive versus reactive pricing actions, providing insights into when and how to adjust pricing strategies in response to market dynamics. Furthermore, the training will delve into the missions, roles, and internal processes of the Pricing Department. Participants will understand the significance of efficient pricing processes in maintaining and developing successful pricing strategies. The course will underscore the importance of establishing successful relationships with the sales team, emphasizing collaboration and alignment between pricing and sales functions for optimal results.

10. Reading and Taking Pricing Actions from Revenue Management Reporting: This training segment will involve practical case studies to help participants read and interpret the most common airline commercial and revenue management reports. The objective is to enable participants to take appropriate pricing actions aligned with the magnitude of observed gaps.

11. Understanding Typical Pricing Strategies and Tactics: this training session will introduce participants to typical pricing strategies and tactics based on the competitive environment. Through the exploration of two pricing strategy matrices that have proven successful for airlines of all sizes, locations, and network configurations, participants will gain insights into effective pricing approaches. The goal is to familiarize participants with these strategies so they can quickly identify and implement the right pricing structures, distribution strategies, and tactical activities. This section will particularly emphasize the importance of defining the right benchmarks for carriers and price positioning strategies.

As a conclusion and opening to new pricing strategy trends, we will explore the awareness of the challenges and methods of O&D pricing, the Matrix Pricing strategies associated with Branded Fares, as well as the evolution towards pricing driven by total revenue management, and of course, continuous pricing.

About our trainings

At Airline Tactics Academy, our trainings are meticulously crafted by airline commercial and revenue management experts, for professionals. We understand the intricate challenges and demands of the industry, which is why our courses are designed to equip you with practical skills that you can immediately apply in your day-to-day operations.

Professional insights, practical skills

Unlike traditional academic programs, our trainings focus more on honing skills rather than imparting mere knowledge. Each course is developed with a deep understanding of the dynamic airline industry landscape, ensuring that you gain relevant insights and actionable strategies to enhance your performance and drive success.

Learn from industry experts

Our team of instructors comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in airline commercial and revenue management. They bring real-world expertise and practical insights into the classroom, enriching your learning experience with valuable industry perspectives and best practices.

Empowering your career growth

Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional, our trainings are designed to empower your career growth and elevate your skill set to new heights. Join us at Airline Tactics Academy and embark on a journey of continuous learning and professional development.

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At Airline Tactics Academy, we are your trusted partner for team development. With our comprehensive catalog of trainings and customized options, we tailor our programs to perfectly fit your team's development needs, location, and business model characteristics. Whether you're looking to upskill your entire team or focus on specific areas of improvement, we provide flexible solutions that align with your goals and objectives. Partner with us and empower your team to thrive in today's competitive airline industry landscape.

Tailored training programs

At Yield Tactics Academy, we understand that every airline has unique training needs. That's why we offer tailored training programs, specially designed to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to equip your team with particular skills in revenue management or have specific demands regarding content, duration, or location, we are ready to collaborate with you to develop a customized training solution that aligns perfectly with your goals. Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional training experience perfectly tailored to your organization. Contact us today to discuss your custom training needs.

Additionally, we can conduct an audit/diagnosis of your revenue management and pricing departments, as well as assess the skills of your employees and offer you a professional development plan (team training, external recruitment, talent development, assistance with transformation).

> Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements

Who we are

Airline Tactics is a trademark of Yield Tactics, a consulting firm specialized in revenue management and pricing, particularly for airlines. For years, we have been assisting airlines worldwide and sharing educational content on commercial challenges and yield management (Yield Tactics Magazine, The Yield Tactics Podcast, Linkedin content). Naturally, over the years, our business has evolved to include training, with a continuously expanding catalog of offerings.

Why vhoose Airline Tactics Academy?

1. Immersive Learning Experience: Our in-person training sessions provide an immersive environment where you can engage directly with industry experts, ask questions in real-time, and collaborate with fellow participants. Experience the power of learning in a dynamic classroom setting.

2. Personalized Attention: Benefit from personalized attention and guidance from our experienced instructors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, our instructors are committed to supporting your individual learning journey and helping you achieve your goals.

3. Practical Application: Theory comes to life through hands-on exercises, case studies, and simulations. Gain practical insights and develop actionable strategies that you can immediately apply to optimize revenue performance and drive profitability for your airline.

4. Networking Opportunities: Forge valuable connections with peers and industry insiders during our in-person training sessions. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can open doors to new opportunities.

5. Yield Tacticscertificate: Successfully completing the training program will lead to the attainment of a Yield Tactics course completion certificate. This certificate serves as a valuable credential that can be prominently featured on your CV, showcasing your expertise and dedication in the field of revenue management. It not only validates your commitment to professional development but also enhances your credibility among employers and peers. With the Yield Tactics diploma listed on your CV, you can confidently demonstrate your proficiency and readiness to excel in roles requiring advanced knowledge of revenue management strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

> How can I register for a training program?

Please send an email with your name and the desired training date. If the training will be billed to your organization, kindly specify the company name and the country for the billing address. If you are an individual, please provide your residential address in your country of residence. You will receive a quotation with payment instructions in return.

> Who are the instructors and what are their qualifications?

The instructors are senior consultants and partners at Yield Tactics , each with a minimum of 15 years of experience in revenue management within the airline industry. Most of them hold an IATA Revenue Management Diploma or similar certifications.

> What benefits does Airline Tactics Academy offer?

Airline Tactics Academy prices courses competitively, providing you with qualified instructors and the most up-to-date materials and resources for a valuable learning experience. Learning prioritizes operational skills over theoretical knowledge.

> Is it possible to have training in languages other than English?

We offer the possibility to organize training sessions upon request in other languages such as French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese, provided that you can guarantee a minimum of 5 participants. In that case, the training materials would be in English, but the course will be conducted in the specified language.

> How can I access course materials and resources?

Course materials will be distributed in paper format on the first day of the training sessions. They encompass a copy of the slides and exercises.

How many people attend the meeting simultaneously?

The maximum attendance for a course is 15 participants.

> What is the duration of each training program?

The duration of each program varies. Typically, courses span 3 days, running from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a training program?

Each course has its own prerequisites, which you can find on the individual page showcasing each of them.

> What are the available venues for the training sessions?

Most of our trainings are conducted at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Some other locations may be available; please check the training schedule for details. Additionally, we can organize additional training sessions upon request at your offices or in a vast number of locations worldwide.

> Are there e-learning options available?

We believe in face-to-face training for a great learning experience; hence, our training programs are not available for e-learning.

> How can I stay updated on upcoming training sessions?

You can subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications of schedule updates and new trainings.

> Can I request a demo or preview of the training content before enrolling?

A senior consultant from Yield Tactics can accompany you on a 15-minute video call to go through the training slides and address any questions you may have, allowing you to assess whether the content matches your educational needs.

> Can I receive a certificate upon completion of the training?

Upon completion of the entire course, you will receive an attendance certificate issued by Yield Tactics .

> Can I request customized training content for my organization?

Yes, we offer customized training content services for organizations. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

> Are there eligible discounts available?

Yes, discounts can be granted if your organization commits to more than 10 trainings per calendar year, or as part of an extended team development service that can be offered within our consulting and revenue management team transformation plans.

> Are there any group discounts available?

For the same training session date/location, the third participant from the same organization is eligible for a 50% discount.

> Are there early booking discounts available?

We do not offer early booking discounts. However, we strongly recommend that you reserve your slot at the earliest opportunity, as registrations often close 90 days before the tenure.

> What should I do if the training I want to enroll in is on the waiting list?

If the training you want to enroll in is on the waiting list, please contact us to initiate the registration process. We will provide you with live updates on availability or propose alternative options.

> What are the payment methods available?

Payment can be made by SEPA or SWIFT (OUR) bank transfer, or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) using the link sent upon confirmation.

> When does payment need to be made?

Payment should occur within 14 calendar days after registration, or 30 days before the training starts. Failing to meet payment deadlines may result in non-guaranteed slots. Participants with no validated payment will not be accepted on courses.

> What is the cancellation policy?

Once payment is made, trainings are non-cancellable and non-refundable. However, they can be transferred to another individual from the same organization.

> Which taxes are applicable?

Rates are indicated excluding tax. However, the local tax corresponding to the training location will be added on top of the announced rate. For trainings located in France, a 20% VAT applies. Additionally, if your country of residence imposes withholding fees, they would be at your charge.

> Are accommodation and meals included in the price?

Accommodation and meals, as well as all other travel expenses, are not included in the price. However, we do our best to organize training sessions in locations that are easily accessible by plane and offer affordable ground transportation, in areas with extended accommodation options. At some training locations, a light lunch option may be included.

> Is there any assistance available for travel arrangements to the training location?

Before the event, we will provide a list of hotels with negotiated rates close to the training location.

> Is it possible to have a tax refund?

Companies registered in the country where the training physically takes place may be able to deduct the VAT.

> Are French residents able to use governmental training funds such as CPF?

Options may be available for companies committing to more than 10 trainings in a calendar year, but only for training physically held in metropolitan France.

> How can I get in touch with your team for further inquiries?

You can reach us via email or by calling our nearest contact center.